Big Ben London pop-up cards

Hello and welcome!

Hello there and welcome to our new shop. We’ve moved over from our Etsy shop and hope many of our regular customers will continue to buy our cards.

I’m going to start by telling you a little bit about how Pop-Up Pigeon came into being. Friends and family laughed when I told them I was going to try and sell cards in the UK. Why? Because I never sent cards. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries…nobody ever received a card from me.

It’s not because I am mean or a bit bah humbug, I just hate the idea of spending up to £6 on a piece of folded cardboard, no matter how brilliant or funny the message is. My attitude towards cards changed when my dad went to Vietnam and bought my daughter a pop-up birthday card. I’d never seen a card like it. I marvelled at the artistry and opened and closed it hundreds of times in an effort to find out how it was done.

I still have the card that was sent four years ago now – there’s a picture of it here on this blog. Every time a birthday or anniversary came along, I thought about how I would love to send a card like the one my daughter Sarah got for her eighth birthday.

My husband suggested I try and source the cards. Perhaps I could sell them at markets? Now I love the idea of selling anything at markets as I am such a chatterbox, so off I went and did some research.

It took six months to find a trusted supplier whose handiwork was of an exceptional quality. I waited for our first order with trepidation and was delighted when I first laid eyes on the cards. They were amazing!

They go down a storm at markets. We don’t mind children with sticky fingers handling them as they are incredibly robust. Our best-sellers are the flower cards, men seem to like the ship and the boat and the Christmas range sold out last year.

We’ve been selling over on Etsy to buyers all over the world and thanks to the quality of our cards and our exceptional customer service (I am such a stickler for customer service!) we got a raft of 5* reviews. We’ve explanded our range, created our own designs (I am particularly proud of our ballerina card) and have started doing custom orders for businesses.

We sell these cards because we love them and we hope you do too! We’ve got cards for anniversaries, new baby, wedding, cyclists, romantics and we even have a sizzling barbecue card featuring kebabs that look good enough to eat!

Stay tuned as I hope to blog a bit more on the subject of cards and celebrations. Thanks for visiting.