Forget-Me-Not Matchbox Gift


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DIMENSIONS 55mm x 36mm x 17mm

Forgetmenot seeds and a miniature candle presented in a vintage-style matchbox.

A thoughtful little gift to show you care.

The matchbox contains a candle and a miniature jar of forget-me-not seeds. The candle is a symbolic way of bringing light to someone in their hour of need, and the seeds represent hope for the future.

Full growing instructions are included together with a little and the message ‘Keep me growing, forget me not’

The back of the matchbox itself bears the message ‘Light a candle and make a wish, sow seeds of love and forget me not’ and can be used as a candle holder.

This matchbox will fit through a standard letterbox and can be sent as a large letter.

Made from: card, recycled paper, wax, forget me not seeds and metal. By Marvling Bros.

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