50th birthday present ideas

Turning 50 isn’t all bad. They do say it’s the new 40 and while the ‘OMG you are so old 50th birthday jokes!’ might raise a laugh, everyone likes to be spoiled rotten on their 50th birthday. So whether you are looking for 50th birthday presents for her or 50th birthday presents for him, here are some gift ideas that are sure to go down well:

  • A cassette tape of old hits – Gen Zeds and Millenials will have no idea what a mixtape is, but ask anybody over the age of 45 and they’ll remember recording the top 20 on a cassette tape on a Sunday and listening to it until the tape ran thin. You can remind them of their youth with a thoroughly modern Spotify playlist with mixtape packaging.
  • Book of their life – Prezzybox will create a personalized book of the soon-to-be 50-year-old for £29.99.
  • Party spirit – create a bottle of gin with their birth flower. £39 on Not On The Hight Street.
  • Birthday hamper – you can’t go wrong with a hamper and The Unique Gift Store provides every variety of hamper you could possibly think of. Our fave is the 50th Birthday Chocolate Bouquet for him at £29.99.

50th birthday joke

  • Personalised Prosecco – another ingenious idea from Prezzybox
  • Holy Crap – so if you really must go with a 50th birthday joke, this Holy Crap You’re 50 embroidered loo roll is fun.
  • Vintage T – we love these Aged To Perfection Ts too over on Etsy.
  • Hot stuff – for the 50-year-old chilli lover in your life, we now have matchbox gifts containing the world’s hottest chilli powders.

And finally, don’t forget our very own 50th birthday pop-up card.