Christmas card robin

The 3D Robin Christmas Card – new for Xmas 2019

I love robins. It delights me when they hop by to say hello while I am gardening, hoping to snatch a newly exposed earthworm or grub. They are virtually fearless and it always makes me smile when they come right up close and ruffle their feathers as if to say ‘Look at me, aren’t I gorgeous?’

When we started thinking about Christmas card ideas for 2019, it struck us that the robin was a missing element, so in the summer, we set about designing the ultimate Christmas robin pop-up card. One that would thrill robin fans, card lovers and anyone who loves to receive a little bit of joy in an envelope.

We asked our designers to make a robin that looked so real, that you’d half expect it to fly off from a distance. We also wanted it perched on a sprig of holly and asked for the cover to be grey. Our manufacturers favour red card for Christmas designs, but we think the grey works really well. The colour is very on trend right now, but it also contrasts nicely with the festive designs in their bright reds, greens and yellows. In this case, the little robin really pops.

I have one of the robin cards on top of my filing cabinet because it is such a joyful sight. It’s already selling well and it’s coming with us to our first Christmas fair on Sunday. I’m expecting him to fly off the shelves.

Animal cards

We have many animal cards – a kangaroo, a shark and a panda to name of few, but there is something extra special about the pop-up bird cards I think. We’ve been selling the red cardinal pop-up card for years and I love how detailed the nest is. It’s fair to say though, that our new robin is our best creation yet.

Did you know that the bird got its nickname ‘robin redbreast’ as this was the nickname given to early postmen who wore red jackets and became known as robins?  It is also said that a robin pulled out a thorn from Jesus’s crown and that it was his blood that created that famous redbreast. In 1960 the robin was voted our national bird and hence Christmas robins appeared on greetings cards. Long may it continue!

Pop-Up Christmas has arrived…

They’ve arrived! Our new range of pop-up Christmas cards are here. They’ve been designed exclusively by us, which means you won’t find them anywhere else in the world! We hope you like them. This year, we’ve added a glorious Christmas Wreath Pop-Up Card, A Christmas Cracker Pop-Up Card and Santa In A Cadillac Pop-Up Card to our collection.

The wreath is inspired by one we found in Country Living magazine. Most Christmas pop-up cards come in red, but as grey is very much de rigeur at the moment, we chose it for the card’s front cover. What do you think? It’s an incredibly detailed card and like all of our range, it has been hand assembled.

We wanted something fun that really popped out at you this year, so we devised the Christmas Cracker Pop-Up Card. It went through a number of revisions, but we think we’ve got it right. And finally, our favourite is Santa in a Cadillac. Our vehicle cards sell really well, so we wanted to create a special one for Christmas and what could be more iconic than a Cadillac? Again, this is an incredibly skilled piece of card engineering – it takes some doing to get a Cadillac to fit into an envelope!

We hope you enjoy our Christmas cards this year. We’ve seen from selling them at markets that they always put a smile of people’s faces. We know it’s only November, but lots of people are stocking up on their festive cards already. Many of ours sold out well before the big day last year, so make sure you bag your favourite before it’s gone!