Flowers and their meaning

If you are thinking about sending flowers cards to friends or family, it’s worth looking into the meaning of some of the UK’s favourite blooms, so that your greetings message works on many different levels. Every flower has a different meaning or symbolism,  and here are 10 favourites that you’ll find on flowers cards UK at Pop-Up Pigeon.

• Red Rose – this is the lover’s flower, a favourite on Valentine’s Day. It signifies enduring passion and is popular when it comes to flowers pop up cards.

Daffodils – these joyous spring flowers, which are one of the first to bloom when the weather changes, symbolise hope and rebirth. They are also a strong sign of positivity and ideal if you are looking for flowers birthday cards or are hoping to lift someone’s spirits.

• Pansies – the cheerful pansy represents love and admiration. They also tell someone that you are thinking of them or sending them loving thoughts.

• Chyrsanthemum – the Victorians used Chrysanthemums to demonstrate friendship and well-wishing. They also symbolise love, loyalty, longevity, happiness and joy. This makes the chrysanthemum the perfect choice for flowers card UK for friends or much-loved family members.

• Daisies – daisies have traditionally been used to represent innocence and purity. They also symbolise true love. A great flowers birthday cards choice!

• Hydrangea – the hydrangea is the idea bloom for weddings as it signifies a happy and united family and is the opposite of fickleness. It’s a great flowers cards by post gift for somebody who is about to marry or has just got engaged.

• Cow Parsley – this common hedgerow plant is prolific in May in the UK. In Victorian times, it was nicknamed mother’s-die and legend had it, that if you brought it into the house, somebody would pass away. The real reason it is not ideal to bring into the house, is that the white flowers drop quickly and the plant is sometimes inhabited by tiny black flies. However, it has also signified youth and fun as children traditionally used the hollow stems as pea shooters. Our Cow Parsley Pop-Up Card is one of our most popular flower cards for birthday and despite the ancient superstition, it is a bestseller on Mother’s Day.

• Poppy – in ancient times, the poppy was a symbol of sleep, imagination and dreams, but more recently, it became a remembrance flower.

• Forget-Me-Not – the Forget-Me-Not was traditionally given by those who wished to be remembered by the recipient. It is a symbol of faithful love and memories.

• Pink Rose – whereas red roses signify passion, the pink version is a symbol of happiness and joy, making it the ideal addition to flower cards for birthday and flowers cards UK.