congratulations card
the history of cardboard boxes

History of the cardboard box

If you've got children or cats, you'll understand the joy that a simple cardboard box can bring. I remember a time when my now grown-up kids would spend all of Christmas Day playing with the cardboard boxes their toys came in. They turned them…
Guatemalan worry dolls

What are worry dolls?

According to Mayan legend, there was a princess named lxmucane who was granted the ability to solve any human problem. It is thought that her story is behind the legendary Guatemalan worry dolls, which are traditionally given to children with…
Happy Birthday Roses In A Matchbox

The joy of matchboxes

I'm a closet phillumenist, although to be honest, I didn't know the word existed before I Googled the term 'history of matchboxes.' A Phillumenist is someone who collects matchbox-related items. I can't say I have a store of matchboxes, but…
The first pop-up card

This is how our cards business started

Friends and family laugh at the idea of me running an online popup cards shop because I am always the first person to forget birthdays and for decades, I never sent cards. I didn't see the point. They all end up in the recycling bin anyway. Then,…